Our goal is to feature authors and their work in a way that will help readers decide if they might enjoy them.

Spotlights are posted each Monday and reserved for published works only. While Highlighted Author features all genres, please keep in mind the following:

  • Erotica books will be labeled with an adult content warning.
  • We will not take books that glorify harmful acts, sex with minors, bestiality, or any other such fetish or act that could be considered degrading or offensive.
  • We reserve the right to deny submission for any book we are not comfortable with.


Important Information stands neutral when presenting material pertaining to religion, politics, rights, etc. The views expressed in the spotlights are that of the author.

All submitted material must be the author’s own work unless submitted by an authorized representative, such as an agent or publisher. Co-authorship is accepted.

Copyright laws exist. Any reproduction of work presented on Highlighted Author without the permission of the author is prohibited.

Highlighted Author has the right to be selective with the material we showcase and turn away any materials we feel are not suitable with or with out proper notification.


Getting started:

If you would like to be featured on Highlighted Author, please begin by reading the Guidelines as they cover much of what you will need to know. To request a Feature or  Special Interest post, fill out the form on the Submit Request page. We will contact you within five to ten days of your submission. If you do not hear from us after that time, please try submitting the form again, as technical issues can sometimes cause submissions to get lost. Upon acceptance, we will email you an introduction letter along with your post date and further instruction.


Frequently Asked Questions


What goes on my post?

This list will give you an idea of what Highlighted Author presents. Information varies slightly with each post type.

Authors are required to introduce themselves and their featured book. We ask that you provide the following:

  • A picture of yourself or logo to represent you ( .jpeg works best)
  • Short author bio
  • A copy of your featured book’s cover art ( .jpeg works best)
  • A link to your website
  • A link where your book may be purchased
  • Tagline or blurb
  • An excerpt from your featured book, not to exceed 1,500 words.

The following are optional:

  • Your featured book’s video trailer
  • A few short “words of praise” or review for your featured book (with proper credit to reviewer)
  • Mention any rewards or contests your featured book may have won
  • Links to your social media
  • You may mention any contests going on where your book is part of the prize or run one during your feature or spotlight on Highlighted Author.
How much does it cost to be a Highlighted Author?

It’s completely free. Simply fill out the Submit Request form, and we will consider you for a feature.


I’m not sure if my book follows your guidelines. How can I be sure?

If you’ve read through the guidelines and are still not sure if your book is the right fit for Highlighted Author, you can send us information about your book and what is in question and we will let you know if we can work with you. Simply fill out the contact form or the Submit Request form and we will get back with you.


Can I submit more than one book to be on Highlighted Author?

Yes, we have a few different feature options for you to choose from. A complete list of feature needs are listed below for easy reference.

Traditional Feature: One book with blurb, excerpt, cover image, buy link, praise, media, along with author’s bio, image, and media links. (see above list.) This presentation may contain up to three other images if you desire.

Series Feature: Each book in the series will get a portion of the spotlight with blurb, cover image, buy link, praise, media, along with author’s bio, image, and media links. Depending on the number of books involved, excerpt clips may be allowed.

Books Revisited: If your books have been out a while and have under-gone changes, you can select Books Revisited to call attention to them again and let the readers know how they can find them now. Feature contains the same information as above.


What is H. A. Special Interest?

In our continued effort to bring our readers some of the best authors and titles out there, we’ve created Highlighted Author Special Interest. As our features last a full week, it’s hard to fit all the books into the schedule that we’d like. With H. A. Special Interest, we can introduce the latest new releases and let you know about great finds by posting books blasts that give you a peek at the cover, blurb, author, and let you know where you can check them out further. This also gives us the opportunity to host blog tours that miss out on the feature dates, as these spots fill quickly for up to six months in advance. These posts may be presented on any day of the week (excluding  weekends) for one day. H.A. Special Interest will also be used for announcements concerning Highlighted Author.

If you are an author or authors’ representative, and would like to take advantage of H. A. Special Interest, you may submit your work for presentation by using the form on the Submit Request page. Please note that submission does not guarantee presentation. These must follow the guidelines and be approved just as the features do.


I have a new release and don’t have a lot of things to add to my feature. Will Highlighted Author still consider my book? 

Absolutely. It’s an exciting time when your work hits the shelves. Whether brick and mortar or virtual, the written word is celebrated here. Many times reviews and media spots haven’t started rolling in yet. Here’s what we can do:

Book Blast:  Book Blast may be posted any day of the week to match the title’s release (excluding weekends). It will appear under the H.A. Special Interest tab and be announced on all the same networks that the other features are. Announcement will be noted as a Special Interest post to garner more attention. Note: Information will include cover art, blurb, buy link, author name, logo quote, and media links.

Virtual Book Tour Stop: These are much like our traditional feature, but a VBTS focuses more on the introduction to the book instead of the author. Also, they are set up under H.A. Special Interest to allow more flexibility in scheduling. Highlighted Author is set up to allow Rafflecopter giveaways, so if you’re offering a tour wide giveaway, we’d be happy to add it to your post. Tour banners are very welcome and we’ll list your tour schedule and giveaway information.


Can I mention other books than the one I selected to feature in the post?

Yes, the Traditional Feature spotlights one book, however, you can mention other books that you’ve written within your post. Remember that the majority of the post must be about the one book you requested for the feature. You might request a Series or Books Revisited Feature if you wish to call equal attention to all of them.


I co-authored a book. Can both of us be in the spotlight?

Most certainly. If this is done, we’d like both authors to contribute to the introductory post. If the book is an anthology, we realize that it’s not always possible for all authors to do so, however. But, we’ll need at least one link to each author website or profile to offer credit for their work.


 I represent authors. Can I have a group be featured together on Highlighted Author? 

Yes.  But this kind of Group Feature will require special planning.  Please contact us through the contact form to discuss this further.


Can I include my book trailer video in my post?

Yes you can! We love book trailers.


I’ve been interviewed on TV and Radio.  Can I have these in my post?

Yes!  Most definitely.  You may include each if you wish.  We love to show off your audio/video coverage.


How does the Extras page work?

The Extras Page was designed to introduce readers to books and writing related services through audio and video.   Book trailers, introduction to services or authors, radio/television interviews, etc. may be showcased here and enjoyed by Highlighted Author’s visitors.  This may include a short explanation, audio or video feed, and link to the web site or buy page you are promoting.  You may request placement of the Extras Page through the contact form here on the site or by email.



Highlighted Author on Twitter

The Highlighted Author Twitter account is up and we’d like to invite you to “follow” us and find great new favorites! Connect with us at

A special hash tag has been created to help promote authors’ books and allow readers an easy scroll to check them all out, #HighlightedAuthor. This is not limited to authors featured by Highlighted Author.  We welcome all who want to share their writing.  It broadens your reach/audience as they share yours.  Blog posts about writing, books, reviews, are also welcome.  Publishers, agents, PR personnel may also take part.

Tweeters:  Simply add  #HighlightedAuthor  to your tweet.  Check out those already posted and RT their tweets to help your fellow authors.  When yours hits the feed, those who also use this hash tag will RT it to their followers, spreading the word.  I suggest following those who help you out and add them to your network.  This special promotion works best when all take part.

Please, no material that glorifies harmful acts, sex with minors, political debates or adds, calls for sex, or vulgarity.

Again, this is a book, publisher, agent, blog, writer, author, reader area and we want to keep it as professional as possible.  We present these clips to readers who are looking for that next favorite book.

Note:  You are not required to RT a tweet about a subject you or your followers would be uncomfortable with.

Spread the word and take advantage of this authors-help-authors promotional tool.

All the best,
Charlene and Julianne






Highlighted Author does not receive payment for any services offered on this site.  Promotion and website management/upkeep are a labor of love.  Charlene A. Wilson and Julianne Tomczak, co-hostesses, donate their time and cover website expenses to help their fellow authors and share with their readers.  At times an author might offer his/her work as a gift or donate to help cover the cost of maintaining the website.  Charlene and Julianne graciously accept.  These instances  do not guarantee a feature or add placement. Also, the book widget on the right sidebar which displays books featured on Highlighted Author Special Interest is owned by Amazon.  Should someone click on one of those books and then decide to buy it, Amazon pays Highlighted Author a tiny percentage.








Hosted by Charlene A. Wilson and Julianne Tomzak

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