Non-Fiction Cover Category

Congratulations to the Winners!

Covers were judged by three cover artists with a possible score of 60 total points. Scores were so close! Thank you all for participating. Winners will receive their trophy images within the week.

1st PlaceFeng Shui for Writers by M.C. Simon - non-fiction

2nd PlaceLife's Wisdom by Ralp Carey - non-fiction

Honorable Mention

A Walk in the Valley by Jule Aeduini, Heiki Glick, Elizabeth Marey, Kym McNabney, Paula Mowery, Donna Winters - Non-Fiction



11 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Cover Category”

  1. I actually like #1. The colors are soothing, there’s a sense of clean space and order.

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Hosted by Charlene A. Wilson and Julianne Tomzak

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