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The Magic of Murder


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When his partner is discovered in a frozen alley with eight bullets in his chest, Niagara Falls Police Detective Roger Frey swears vengeance. But Detective Chief Woodward has forbidden him or anyone else on the detective squad to work the case. Emlyn Goode knows Roger will disobey his boss, which will cost him his job and his freedom. Because she cares for him more than she’ll admit, she needs to stop him. Desperate, she can think of but one way.

Emlyn recently learned she’s a direct descendent of a woman hanged as a witch in 1692. She has a book filled with arcane recipes and chants passed down through her family. Possessed of, or perhaps by a vivid imagination, she intends to use these to solve Jimmy’s murder before Roger takes revenge on the killer. But she’s new to this “witch thing,” and needs help from her friend Rebecca Nurse, whose ancestor also took a short drop from a Salem tree. Also in the mix is a rather hefty albino cat (Elvira detests being called fat). Rebecca’s not much better at deciphering the ancient directions, and while the women and the cat stumble over spell after spell, the number possible killers grows. They’d better quickly come up with a workable spell: when Chief Woodward’s wife is shot and a bottle bomb bursts through Emlyn’s window, it becomes clear she’s next on the killer’s list.


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“This book pulled me right in. I think it must have been the fact that Susan Lynn Solomon puts her characters first. The story revolves around the murder of a Niagara Falls Police officer… The adventure that ensues is absolutely entertaining and well-written. It is funny, exciting, and fast-paced. Every character has depth and is…believable. The Magic of Murder is one fun read and is definitely worthy of all 5 stars.”
Frederick Crook, author, Of Knight & Devil


Suspense, humor, compelling characters, a dash of the supernatural dating back to Salem, a powerful sense of place, and Emlyn Goode, a passionate and determined woman new to witchcraft and murder. Susan Lynn Solomon captures both the city of Niagara Falls and its quirkiest resident, an unusual sleuth. The magic of Murder is a winner ad, we hope, only the first appearance of Emlyn Goode.
Gary Earl Ross, author of Blackbird Rising and the Edgar Award-winning Matter of Intent

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Formerly a Manhattan entertainment attorney, and then a contributing editor to the quarterly art magazine SunStorm Fine Art, Susan Lynn Solomon now lives in Niagara Falls, New York, where she is in charge of legal and financial affairs for a management consulting firm.

After moving to Niagara Falls she became a member of Just Buffalo Literary Center’s Writers Critique Group, and since 2009 a number of her short stories have appeared in literary journals, including, Abigail Bender (awarded an Honorable Mention in a Writer’s Journal short romance competition), Witches Gumbo, Ginger Man, The Memory Tree, Elvira, Second Hand, Sabbath (nominated for 2013 Best of the Net by the editor of Prick of the Spindle), and Kaddish.

Her latest short stories are Going Home, which appeared in the October 19 issue of Flash Fiction Press, Captive Soul, which is included in Solstice Publishing’s Halloween anthology, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Volume 1, and Yesterday’s Wings, about a woman searching for the courage of her past, appears in the October 2015 edition of, Imitation Fruit.

Susan Lynn Solomon’s new Solstice Publishing novel, The Magic of Murder, is available at Amzon.Com

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Welcome, Victoria Pitts Caine!

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I am a native Californian who enjoys visiting the mountains and the Central California Coast and the proximity to both the state offers. My varied interests include genealogy and exotic gemstone collecting both of which I’ve incorporated into my novels. While my genre is inspirational romance, I have ventured into other areas in the past few years.

I’ve received recognition from: Enduring Romance Top 10 Picks, an honorable mention Persie Award from the William Saroyan Writing Conference, and additional honors from:  Byline Magazine, Writer’s Journal Magazine, HI Families Magazine, and The Southern California Genealogical Society.

The trilogy:  Alvarado Gold, Cairo, and The Tempering Agent as well as my novellas, Like a Lily and Not Bound by Time, have been on the Amazon’s genre bestseller lists. Publications include The Front Porch, True Love, Short Stuff, Living for the Whole Family, Manzanita Literary Society, and many others.

I will have a short story in a YA anthology due out in December and I and currently working on a mystery/suspense mainstream romance.

I’m mother of two daughters and an enthusiastic crafter using my gemstone knowledge to incorporate the ancient art of silver wrapping into award winning jewelry. I facilitate a critique group weekly and enjoy helping other authors find their way.



Alvarado Gold

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As the hot, oppressive Texas heat takes the breath from her lungs, Addie Brown stands at her grandfather’s grave. Deep within her, she senses her anchor to family is gone. She looks across the freshly dug chasm at three of her four cousins. Nothing more than smiling faces on Christmas cards and vacation photos, she remembers once when they were close but something happened.

Snapping her back to reality, the minister reads, To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven. She wonders when will be my time? But Addie has bargained with God and lost and she feels she can never share her secret with anyone. But through an unusual turn of events, she realizes there is a truth and meaning to the passage from Ecclesiastes that begins to drive her life.


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Victoria Pitts Caine is a native Californian. Her varied interests include genealogy and exotic gemstone collecting both of which she’s incorporated into her writing. Her novels fall into the Inspirational/Romance/Mystery/Suspense category, but she’s additionally been published in Young Adult Fiction and Women’s Fiction as well as non-fiction.
Fiction, Novels:  Alvarado Gold, 2013, Cairo, 2013, The Tempering Agent, 2014.
Fiction, Novellas:  Like a Lily, 2013, Not Bound by Time, 2015.
The author has received recognition from: Enduring Romance Top 10 Picks, William Saroyan Writing Conference, Byline Magazine, Writer’s Journal Magazine, and The Southern California Genealogical Society.

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Welcome, John Hegenberger!





SPYFALLcover (2)

In October 1959, someone is out for revenge against young L.A. PI, Stan Wade, who has solved a few cases for his main client, Walt Disney. When a CIA agent mistakenly dies in Stan’s place, Stan initiates a revenge investigation that leads him outside the country, and his own comfort zone, to stop a nuclear threat to Europe that will remain classified until 2012.





Born and raised in the heart of the heartland, Columbus, Ohio, John Hegenberger is the author of upcoming Stan Wade LAPI series from Black Opal Books, father of three, tennis enthusiast, collector of silent films and OTR, hiker, Francophile, B.A. Comparative Lit., Pop culture author, crime-fighter, comedian, ex-lead in the senior class play, ex-Navy, ex-comic book dealer, ex-marketing exec at Exxon, AT&T, and IBM, happily married for 45 years.

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