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Charlene-A.-Wilson-brick-1200-1024x678This week we usher our very own Charlene Wilson — awesome Highlighted Author hostess — up the red carpeted aisle to feature her all new fantastical Aumelan Series! I’ve had the pleasure of reading book one Blessed of the Gods, and I can sum it up in one word. Wow!

Here’s one of several rave reviews she has received on book one Blessed of the Gods:

5 STARS: Charlene has created a stunning new world of beauty and magic. I was completely charmed by the pale, subterraneans and their slunks as well as the glorious people of the Sun.

The Tsoseys, a large and powerful nation of people beneath the earth, is missing a crucial energy source to sustain themselves. They have relied on a subservient class of Chamber people to provide their life-giving energy for centuries. The Tsosey’s new leader, Chad, sets out on a mission to save his people from their cursed existence by venturing up to the World of the Sun. He encounters friendship, betrayal, challenges, vast power struggles whose outcome will change the shape of nations, and unexpected love. I very much look forward to book two in this series!

I’m so excited to share her newest release with you. Enjoy the feature and happy reading!

–Jo Grafford, Highlighted Author Co-Hostess

Blessed of the Gods Book Trailer

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Blessed of the Gods Blurb

Blessed of the Gods pb front white lettersChad is in love, but the world isn’t right – not when you’re forbidden to have the one you desire just because she’s your slave. His vitality host, Dae, has held his heart since they were both children. He must find a way to set her free if he’s ever to know if she wants him too, and that means finding a way to live without her aid. Chad believes the answer lies in the World of the Sun where they originated, not the world of his cavernous home. Fate will guide him, he knows it. 

When Salana, Daughter of the Sun Nation, meets Chad, she’s faced with the unbelievable; a man who must take energy from a host to survive. But he’s not the only one. The entire Tsosey Nation is plagued with this unusual need. The strong yet meek Chamber people submitted to serve them through the centuries. Can Salana help this young man whose dreams of freedom could change the course of both nations? And can she do it without falling for him and turning her back on the marriage arranged by her parents?

About Charlene

Charlene is an author of romantic tales that take you to other worlds, times, and dimensions. She weaves lasting love and intrigue to immerse you in the lives of her characters. Fate and destiny have a plan. Are you ready to believe again?

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