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Welcome Deon Sanders

Join me in welcoming Deon Sanders to Highlighted Author.

Deon C. Sanders (Pen name: Deno Sandz) was born in the south, raised and resides in Chicago, is a father of six working in the educational field and has been a fiction author for the last ten years.  he writes phenomenal articles on every aspect of society, short stories that transcend the heart, soul, and mind of the reader, poetry that convokes emotions, lyrics that embrace the genre of the music industry, and movie screenplays.

Welcome, Deon.  Please tell us about yourself.

How did I start out my writing career?

I started my writing “Life style” not career at a early age.  Sometimes I think I can remember as far back as the womb.  My mother is and was a great writer with aptitude and stories of real life, southern myths, and superstitions.  My father was extrememly intelligent…a man of vision, a phenomenon, cultured, a historian, and in my mind an angel as well as my mother who slipped away from heaven’s library of truth and fiction to create me.

What did I hope to accomplish with this book?

Accomplishment is the foundation of hope.  Without hope a writer never gets to his/her pinnacle.  Like this book and every other book I’ve penned or am about to pen.  I hope to inspire the fictional side of readers.

Is the “Writer’s life” what you thought it would be?

A writer takes the good reviews with the bad reviews.  This is my life, my dream despite the everyday hustle and bustle trying to take care of a family.  So there’s no foreshadowing on the future.  But I believe my future rests on my “writing gift.”  Yes, it is what I thought it would be.  You have to color before you can write, as in crawl before you walk.

If I had to invite five characters over for conversation.

The five characters I would invite over for dinner would be; Socrates, from Plato “The last day of Socrates,” Gulliver, from “Gulliver’s Travels,” Mr. Brown from “Meet the Browns,” Robin Hood from the new moview (2010), and Nelson Mandela from “Invictus.”  These are inspiring characters who remind me of myself.  Dedicated, adventurous, funny, philosophical, and honorable.

What are three things I wish I’d known before I reached where I am now?

The three things I wish I had known before reaching this point of my writing life is that I would have tried to save more money to promote my books, not to except every offer from publishers who did not understand my vision and how patient you must be to even get a glimmer of what a successful writer is.

To inspiring writers:

Please keep writing despite what some publisher say and please don’t ever stop writing it can open up the minds of the masses.  Your one thought on paper can inspire people and your one book can inspire the world.

For non-writers:

Understand that “In the world of writing there are NO BOUNDARIES, just a place where the pen and pad meets imagination, visualization, and creativity.

My other books:  Also available on my website.

I, AM by Deon C. Sanders (Pen: Deno Sandz)

Pen of Iniquity by Deno Sandz

Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare by Deon C. Sanders(Pen: Deno Sandz)

I am working on the sequil to my first book Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare entitled, Abandon You Soul…the return of Miss Weather and anoher book entitled, The Devilz Wzisper.

Deon has chosen to share his book, Blood Plantation, with us today.  Here’s what it’s about:

The Novella, Blood Plantation, is a historical fiction set at a Bed and Breakfast owned by the great, great, great, granddaughter of Captain Rollins the 3rd once known as the big house on a plantation in Virginian.  The antagonist, the SOTO (The Soul of the Ocean) is a captured slave from the southern tip of Africa, thrown overboard near the shores of Shonway, Virginian where the Shonwaayians now call, “The Shores of the Evil Soul” in 1810 after a mutiny he spearheaded leading to the murder of crew members, slaves, and his wife by the evil hands of Captain Rollins the 3rd who owned the plantation.  It’s now 2010 and another fifty years has dawned and the SOTO has awakened again to seek his vengeance against the last of Rollins’ blood line for the death of his wife.


Blood Plantation Book Trailer

What they’re saying:

*It’s the sins of slavery*

*A real horror of the middle passage*

*Southern reality and history never forgotten*

*A nightmare for vacationing lovers*

*Fiction at it’s best*

*A spirit of unforgivable anger*

*A bloodline that can never be erased*

*A Culture of true power*



Blood Plantation



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It was the fifteenth day of July two thousand and ten, which marked fifty years of the, “SOTO” and one hundred years after the first murder of Sandra Smith on the Shores of Shonwaay, Virginian.  Captain Stewart Rollins the Third’s small abandoned house had been completely rehabbed into a Bed and Breakfast getaway.  The owners were Captain Rollins Great, Great, Great Grand Daughter Carrol Heartsong, a southern bell with high ambitions and her husband Bill who from first introduction seemed a mamma’s boy.

The Bed and Breakfast rested on a ten acre plantation stationed on top of a cliff next to a waterfall looking down upon the golden sands that harbored at the starting point of the Aquarius Ocean.  The Sanctus bell sounded across the Shores of Shonwaay, emanating from a small church erected by the Shonwaayians some many years ago.

Around high noon before the last touches to the Bed and Breakfast were made and six hours before the first couple were due to arrive at their front door.

The tide was high and the sea crabs were departing the Shores of Shonwaay heading for their watery homes.

Cars filled the streets and pleasantly beautiful single family homes outlined the cliff.  Apple trees that settled themselves across town swayed in the summer wind that blew from the ocean’s mouth and rays from the sun burned the unprotected green grass, as it reflected itself off the streak free windows of the Bed and Breakfast.

Inside the Bed and Breakfast Carrol and Bill prepared themselves for a business venture that unbeknown to them would never succeed.  Original pictures, tables, chairs, beds, etc. decorated the entire house.  The kitchen had the original stove; however, the kitchen cabinets had been replaced.  Carrol had graciously set the dining room table with a white linen table cloth and set places for eight which included themselves.  Bill had stepped out front to water the large potted flowers that lined the front porch.  Drenching the last flower pot, suddenly, Bill turned to where he thought he heard an eerie voice and noticed the shadow of a person walk by the side of the house.

Immediately, Bill rose and walked around the side of the house calling out Carrol’s name.

“Carrol,” Bill yelled!

After no reply Bill turned and walked back to his flowers by passing the front door at the exact time Carrol walked out of the front door startling him.

“Oh, you startled me Carrol,” Bill stated, exhaling.

“Did you call me honey?” Carrol asked.

“Were you around the side of the house a second ago?” Bill asked.

“No, I was in the dining room setting up for our guest this evening,” Carrol replied.

Standing there looking at each other, sounds of faint footsteps proceeded up the front stairs leading up to the porch.  Bill turned to look, as Carrol leaned from around Bill to look also.  However, there was no one there.  Bill turned to Carrol shrugging his shoulders and said, “It’s probably the old wood baby.”  Nodding her head Carrol agreed and they walked into the house.  As evil should have it they did not look down at the floor, closing the front door, because they were actually walking on top of foot person prints, which faded away as they walked into the kitchen.

Nearing six o’clock, both were eager to begin their business venture.  Carrol had a few things to do in the kitchen, while Bill made his way up the spiral stairs to their bedroom.  The same bedroom inhabited many years ago by Captain Rollins.

Carrol began making a few minor touch ups in the kitchen.  Then, as toiled she began smelling an awful odor of sea water lingering in the air around her.  Suddenly, pots and pans that were stacked neatly under the sink started to clammier startling her.

Slowly, she walked towards the cabinet and opened the door.  But, instead of seeing pots and pans, she witnessed numerous black sea crabs in their place.  Carrol screamed at the top her lungs slamming the cabinet closed.  Hearing the heart wrenching screams Bill ran frantically to her aid.

“What’s wrong honey?” finding her in the far corner of the kitchen, balled up in a fetal position as if she was a newborn fetus.  Carrol pointed to the cabinet shaking perfuse without speaking. Bill stood up and walked over to it peering back at her periodically until he reached it.  Carrol closed her eyes as Bill opened the cabinet and the cabinet was filled with only pots and pans.

“There’s nothing in here but pots and pans baby,” Bill stated, turning to Carrol.  Carrol slowly emerged from the floor and walked over to Bill to take a look.  Bill grabbed Carrol pulling her close to him giving her a big hug and said, “It’s all in your mind baby.  There has been a lot of pressure on us to get this place up and running.” Carrol agreed, giving Bill a kiss and followed him up the stairs to prepare for their guest.

Inside their room on the wall hung a picture of Captain Rollins dressed in his Southern Colonial attire with his eyes staring downward obviously, belittling everyone under him.  Bill turned the shower on and Carrol browsed through the closet looking for her a dinner dress.  The Grandfather clock at the bottom of the spiral staircase struck six as Bill exited the shower.

“Bill,” Carrol screamed, running to the bathroom door rushing him to get ready.

“Alright honey, you can get in the shower now.  I’ll go meet the guest until you are ready,” Bill stated, dressing quickly as he raced down the stairs fixing his tie while almost tripping.

At the bottom step the door bell rang again.  Mr. and Mrs. Williams, a bi-racial couple in their late thirties from South Bend, Indiana stood waiting.  Brandon Williams, an African-American male, and his wife Gail, a paler shade Caucasian.  Bill opened the door staring for a moment trying not to draw any attention to himself and his wayward ways.  Bill wasn’t a prejudice man, but an unknowing man of his times not realizing the world has really changed.

“Good evening, Welcome to Heartsong’s Bed and Breakfast where we dish out southern hospitality.  Come right in.  Let me get your bags for you,” Bill stated.  Through the threshold to death Bill escorted them, closing the door.  Then, Bill heard their next guest, pulling up into the driveway coming to a sudden stop.

“Excuse me. I believe more guests have arrived.  Make yourselves at home in the parlor.  Dinners at eight,” Bill stated.  Bill opened the front door and out of the cab erected a six foot three, two legged man tree, with arms like branches, and a little on the thin side with sun tanned skin.

His wife who was a Caucasian stepped from the other side of the cab and walked around the back end of the cab.   She was about five ten and a half, with beautiful long legs with a body to match.    From a distance it looked like she had a coach bag made of fur.  But as they walked closer to Bill, he could see it was actually a cat.

“Mr. T.J Renalds from Baton Rogue, Louisiana, Mr. Renalds stated, extending his hand.

“Glad to meet you sir and Welcome to Heartsong’s Bed and Breakfast,” Bill replied, shaking his hand.

“This is my wife Elexus.”

“Charmed I’m sure,” Elexus replied, in the sweetest voice.

T.J a Wall Street business man kept his bosses high class daughter looking good.  He dressed fairly well with a little acne that outlined his cheeks and a glass eye that shimmered in the light.  Elexus had a lot of outer attributes, but her mind was feeble, a college yuppie whose only reason for going to college were boys, not to actually learn, because her father owned the college. They proceeded up the steps to the house, and suddenly, Elexus’s cat escaped from her arms and ran towards the driveway out into the darkness out of reach of the porch lights.

“I’ll go get the cat Mrs. Renalds.  You and Mr. Renalds go inside into the parlor and join the others,” Bill spoke.  The Renalds’ did exactly what Bill suggested and closed the door behind them.  Bill walked down the steps after the cat.

“Here cat, here kitty-kitty,” Bill spoke, raising his octave each time.

Then, Bill noticed the cat’s statuette hissing while looking into the darkness.

“There you are cat.  What are you looking at?” Bill asked.  Bill reached down to pick the cat up; he glanced up quickly thinking he had seen a figure in the darkness.  He gathered himself, grabbed the cat, and walked back to the house.  The cat never taking its eyes off the darkness while in Bill’s arms hissing more as they made it to the front porch.  Out of curiosity, Bill turned towards the driveway and suddenly, a figure ran out of the shadows with lightening speed towards Bill.  Not having much time to react.  Bill dropped the cat, turned his face, closed his eyes, and yelled.  Bracing himself for what was about to happen.  However, before the figure reached him it vanished into the air like smoke.

His yelling brought everyone to the doorway, including Carrol who had just made her way down the stairs.  Carrol opened the door followed by the guest finding Bill on his knees on the porch petrified.

“What happened?” Carrol asked.

“It’s something out there,” Bill stated, as Carrol and the others helped him up.  Carrol released his arm, as the others helped Bill into the house.  Then, she took a peak into the darkness to settle her own soul.

“However, she saw nothing in the darkness.”

“Nothing in the darkness.”

“There was nothing in the darkness.”

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