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Welcome, T.L Clark!

True’s Love

Trues Love Sml

Amanda is a mild admin by day, and a wild clubber by night.

She starts this book by telling you about some of her sexier night time exploits.

She goes on holiday to Ibiza with a girl friend, and soon has her views challenged by a gorgeous blonde Russian bodyguard.  But danger lurks…


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 Also by T.L. Clark!

Dark Love 

Rekindled Love

Young’s Love



What They’re Saying!

“This started as something I liked and ended with me loving it.” by Reading Renee

“This book was beautifully written. I loved it. It was full of mystery, romance and suspense.” by Melissa

“The author has an extremely good descriptive style of writing and you believe you are living the storyline with the characters.” by an Amazon Customer


About the Author

T.L Clark is a female, British indie author of adult romance novels, who writes under a pseudonym, and eAuthor Picnjoys writing about love from different angles.  She currently has four books out, and each is a stand alone that has a slightly different approach to love.  But all are romances with lots of sexy bits.

She’s married and has a full time ‘day’ job, who is also a holistic therapist , so she has to make time for writing on a tight schedule.  She’s also a Reiki Master!  And her ultimate dream is to own a farmhouse retreat so she can help people who are frazzled out by the rat race, as well as helping horses and other animals.





Welcome, Andrew Eustace Anselmi!

We welcome Andrew Eustace Anselmi to the Highlighted Author this week. We are excited to feature his debut novel, The Autumn Crush. It’s a fast ride of a novel containing a rise to corporate success, heavy politics, action, suspense, and thought-provoking issues raised by immigration and cultural conflicts. Hope you enjoy the feature!

–Jo Grafford, Highlighted Author Co-Hostess

The Autumn Crush

91ysSE8TGtL._SL1500_Guy Bennett was one of America’s post-World War II success stories. Born of Italian immigrants during the Depression, he became a captain of industry, with a skyscraper in New York City and a son in the United States Senate. The applause mutes and friends grow scarce, however, when Guy stands before the court in 1989 accused of the double murder of his business partner, Vito Petrozzini, and Petrozzini’s wife. District Attorney Thomas Straid, still licking his wounds from his senatorial defeat to Guy’s son, believes he has all the evidence that he needs to throw away the key on Guy. The defense spans the globe and reaches back generations in search of an acquittal, unearthing a family secret that reveals the cold and devastating truth. In the end, a diminished yet renewed Bennett family gathers for their annual rite of making wine, which they call The Autumn Crush.

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“For his debut, Anselmi has written an ambitious and downright old-fashioned novel.” —Kirkus Reviews

“In a dramatic novel exploring the cost of assimilation … Anselmi examines grand themes of family, loyalty, wealth, and devotion in a promising plot that reveals the hardships and triumphs of twentieth-century immigrants.” —Clarion Review

“An epic story of pursuing the great American dream … Rich character development and lots of surprises kept me flipping the pages as fast as my eyes could read them.” —Luxury Reading

“Anselmi’s ongoing commentary on racism … may make readers cringe, but it’s a realistic reflection of multicultural America.” —BlueInk Reviews

About the Author

Andrew Eustace Anselmi was born in Livingston, New Jersey in 1965 to a household rooted in first generation Italian-American ways. He has been an attorney in private practice for twenty five years, during which time he has received extensive praise for his work in complex litigation and recognized for his charity. Drawing upon his upbringing, career, and experiences as a husband and father, he has become a novelist. His current project is a trilogy tracking a twentieth century New American family, the Bennetts, through the cultural conflicts and hedonism of the 1980s and 90s. Andrew currently lives in Chester, New Jersey.



Welcome, Anneliese Vandell!

We’re excited to welcome Anneliese Vandell to the Highlighted Author. In her own words, she “…isn’t the kind of woman you want to bring home to your mother. She specializes in writing steamy erotic romance with a twist of suspense, starring alpha males who are handsome, commanding, and fiercely protective of the women they love. When she is not writing, she can most likely be found searching for the perfect New York bagel.” We are featuring her Hush Hush! series this week (books 1-3 are available). Enjoy the feature!

–Jo Grafford, Highlighted Author Co-Hostess

Hush Hush! Book #1

Hush-Hush-Cover-1Fifty Shades of Grey meets Revenge in this tantalizing new series about a young woman who’s willing to do anything in the name of vengeance. 

Something terrible happened to April Morrison when she was eleven years old. When she returns home to New Orleans fourteen years later as “Sophia,” she has only one word on her mind: revenge. She’s got her eye on Charles and Barbara Hawthorne, the crowning jewel of New Orleans’ elite and the ones responsible for turning her life upside down.

Enter Liam Hawthorne, the couple’s successful, strikingly handsome, and irresistibly dominant thirty-two year old son. When Liam makes a provocative proposal, it occurs to April that he may be just the “in” she needs. But what she doesn’t bargain for is Liam’s insatiable—and thrilling—sexual appetite. And as Liam begins to test April’s limits, she realizes that appearances are not what they seem.

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