Highlighted Author is a place for authors of all genres to showcase their work. Started by Charlene A. Wilson in 2010, she wanted to help her fellow writers promote their works. Charlene is passionate about helping other writers to succeed and this is her way of doing just that.

Starting as a small blog to feature authors, Highlighted Author grew quickly.  Seeking a way to offer more to both authors and readers, Charlene moved Highlighted Author to its own domain.  Three years after its inception, Highlighted Author added a special interest segment. In March 2013, Highlighted Author Special Interest was born. And just like its parent partner, this unique area, reserved for New Releases, Book Tours, and Giveaways, has boomed.

One year later, March 2014 brought another milestone. With the growth and love shown by authors and readers alike, Charlene saw the need to add to the family. Jo Grafford joined the Highlighted Author team as co-hostess.

In June of 2015, Jo saw the need to focus more time on her writing career and sadly parted with Highlighted Author. It was hard to find just the right person to fill Jo’s path of excellence, but Julianne Tomczak stepped up to take over the Weekly Feature segment in the same month.

As time issued us into 2017, Julianne had to say good-bye. She was loved by many and will be missed immensely. A replacement will be hard to find.

Welcome to HighlightedAuthor.com.  We’re glad you’re here!

Your Hostess .

Charlene A. Wilson

Charlene A. Wilson

Charlene is an award winning author of tales that take you to other dimensions.  She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She resides in Arkansas, USA, “The Natural State,” surrounded by beauty and enjoys close family ties.

Check over at her Author Site. She’s probably there.  Or sign up to be one of her VIP Readers and gain access to her exclusive Teams.

And by all means, join her on her social networks!



Highlighted Author Alumni


Jo Grafford
Jo Grafford writes high stakes romance. Her favorite books contain layers of intrigue with alpha males and strong minded women who are willing to risk it all for love.



13932252_10208294856701627_1829795972_oJulianne Tomzcak lives in Arizona with her husband and devotes her spare time reading, drawing, listening to music, or playing video games. She loves writing and reading books that take her to whole new dimensions. Some of her favorite authors, to name a few, are Amanda Hocking, Lloyd Alexander, and Brian Jacques.





Hosted by Charlene A. Wilson and Julianne Tomzak

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