Welcome, Jaclyn E. Brod!




It’s the year 2030 and the world has been waging a war thanks to Doctor Grant who experiment’s on human beings. But there’s only one experiment that can save mankind, but wills she be able to before she dies?








Jaclyn E. Brod is part of the Clean Reads Company. She writes Young adult fantasy novels and is currently working on her first Novella Wolf and The Red. The Second book The Heiress will hopefully be out soon! and She has many more works coming.
Jaclyn E. Brod also plans on writing her first none Fantasy Book “Never Say Goodbye” This year and hopes it to be out by next year.
She is excited to see what is in store for her This coming year and the next years old her life.
Writing has always been a passion of hers, and its something that she had dreamed of doing. With the help of Stephanie from Clean Reads/Astera Press her world had evolved into being a writer.
Now These Days she sits at home as a full time author writing stories that come into her mind.
You can Find Jaclyn E. Brod On Amazon, Kindle, Barns and Noble, Nook, Itunes, kobo and much more.